• Stainless handcuff

    Product Description

    • Professional Heavy Duty Grade: Meets NIJ standards and specs. Engineered for professional use and has a Double-locking mechanism with 20 locking positions to ensure the perfect fit
    • Durable: Stainless steel construction Professional Police grade handcuffs. with stainless steel double lock handcuffs feature steel coated
    • Used and Trusted by: Police, Military, Army, Secret Service, Security professionals and Special Forces
    • Many Uses: For Professional Use as well as for play, games, parties, outdoors fun, couples, and even in bed, sex toy, adult toy
    • Package Includes: Handcuffs in a black finish and 2 standard handcuff keys

    Stainless handcuff

  • MT-970 Motorola

    This is a Motorola HT1250 VHF portable radio AAH25KDF9AA5AN. This model features a limited keypad.  Unit comes complete with battery, belt clip, antenna, and rapid charger.

    • 136-174 MHz
    • 128ch
    • 5W
    • Limited Keypad

    MT-970 Motorola

  • GP380 Motorola radio

    product Decription
    Place of Origin:
    Labuan, Malaysia
    Brand Name:
    Model Number:
    Motorola GP380
    137 x 57.5 x 37.5mm
    Frequency Range:

    GP380 Motorola radio

  • Hand held metal detector

    Product Description

    Hand Held Metal Detector

    The super-scanner is a CE passed handheld security body scanner that is designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry. Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control

    airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Super-scanner metal detector operates on one 9-volt alkaline or rechargeable battery. Its made from rugged ABS formed plastic its reinforced coil compartment has a pre set sensitivitly level that does not need adjusting and with its 10 inch scanning surface its quick and easy to perform a full thorough body scan. A push button can momentarily prevent detection of surround metal objects.

    Hand held metal detector

  • Icom A16 airband radio

    product Description

    • VHF Air band Channels.
    • 118.000–136.991 MHz VHF Frequencies.
    • 6.0 W Transmit Power.
    • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack.
    • Rechargeable Battery Included.
    • AC Charger Adapter.
    • Weather Channels.
    • Weather Alert.

    Icom A16 airband radio

  • Icom A6A24 airband radio

    Other features
    • 8.33kHz channel spacing (Depending on version)
    • IPX4 Water resistant construction
    • 200 memory channels (20 Ch × 10 banks) with 6 character names
    • Dedicated 121.5MHz emergency key
    • Side tone function allows you to hear your own voice via an external aviation headset.
    • NOAA marine weather channels
    • Tag scanning and memory bank scanning
    • ANL (Auto Noise Limiter) for noise reduction

    Icom A6A24 airband radio

  • Motorola (DP4801)

    product Description

    Top Features of the Motorola DP4801

    • GPS
    • Full keyboard
    • Large display
    • Extended range
    • Intelligent audio system
    • Even more intelligent battery management
    • Link Capacity Plus compatible (LCP)
    • Heavy-duty design

    Usage examples for Motorola DP4801

    • Large events
    • Loud environments
    • Industry & Manufacturing
    • Large and Extra large-scale radio cells (e.g. whole cities)

    Motorola (DP4801)

  • Motorola (Dp4400e)

    Product Features


    • Non-display model. IP68 dust and water resistance.
    • Dual analogue and digital operation.
    • Multi constellation satellite navigation for wide area location tracking.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 and indoor beacon tracking support.
    • Integrated WiFi.

    Motorola (Dp4400e)

  • Heavy duty stun gun

    Police flashlight with a gun is a new type of protective equipment for your safety. Guiding you back and also serves as protection. The police flashlight with stun guns no longer have to be afraid. It is suitable for mushrooms, fish also for employees of restaurants and bars. A flashlight can be used in the home and garden.


    Heavy duty stun gun

  • Dp4400 Motorola

    Key features

    • Digital Radio
    • The Motorola DP4400 is part of the Motorola Mototrbo Series, which offers DMR radio technology (digital radio) at its best.
    • Excellent voice quality
    • All-digital signal transmission means crystal-clear voice quality – quality so high that it earned the Mototrbo digital radios the “Best in Class” award for voice quality. Rounding this out is the radio’s intelligent background noise suppression software, which effectively filters out background noise, enabling you to communicate easily in noisy environments (construction sites, concerts, etc).

    Dp4400 Motorola

  • Dm3601 digital base radio

    Detailed Information

    The DM4600e is a digital mobile two way radio from Motorola. Available for both UHF and VHF frequencies

    the DM4600e has a channel capacity of 99 allowing for ample communications between a team. IP54 protection means that the radio has a limited Ingres protection against dust, whilst also being safeguarded against splashes of water. The DM4600e comes as standard with a 25w power output

    but for an additional cost this can be upped to 40-45w.

    Available to be mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle, this can be done via the purchase of a mounting kit as seen in the drop-down menus to the right. The front of the radio is made up of an alphanumeric display alongside 4 programmable buttons allowing for customization to the users needs


    Dm3601 digital base radio

  • GR300 Motorola repeater


    As your business grows and changes, your communication requirements expand as well requiring quicker, more flexible communication tools that can go as far and fast as you do.
    Motorola GR300 VHF/UHF 45/25Watts Increase the range and capabilities of your mobile and portable radios with the GR300 repeater. It provides the flexibility of frequency bands, power levels, and mounting requirements in a wide variety of applications. VHF, UHF, and Cross-band Capabilities are available in this unit. Optional Controllers can be added for enhanced features such as telephone interconnect, multiple PL/DPL codes and signaling.


    GR300 Motorola repeater

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